Performance Technical Services, Inc.

Building On Performance

Performance Technical Services, Inc. (PTS) is a woman owned 3rd generation family full service electrical, instrumentation, and controls integration specialty contractor, providing safe, quality services to the industrial industry since the 1980's.

Pharmaceutical/Bio Industry Projects


  • Lonza Biologics Facility, PTS was the predominant E, I&C contractor on a New Bio tech facility in Portsmouth, NH.

    Owner: Lonza Biologics
    General Contractor: Parsons Company
    Project Description: The project consisted of 10 months duration with over 180,000 safe man hours worked on the project. Some of our areas of expertise in field units were areas such as Media Preparation, Buffer Preparation, Buffer Hold, Purification suites, CIP backbone, Fermentation, Harvest, Bulk Solvents and final fill areas to name a few. We were involved with the all instrumentation installations from mounting of instrument, tubing, cabling via field bus and profibus technologies, terminations and verification of over 25,000 devices. Our electrical work consisted of all UPS power delivery to field devices and all low/medium voltage VFD type motors on the project. We also installed all security, communication, door locks, device net, Roof fan, Gas tank farm conduits and some associated wiring for the same. We pulled over 750,000 feet of wire and terminated over 15,000 electrical devices, motors, disconnect and device net configurations.
    PTS Scope of Work: PTS worked an aggressive schedule @ some periods of time 7 days a week 24 hours a day to meet our deadlines and still bring the project to a safe and quality closure. Our installation was required to meet all local, state and FDA required standards along with NEC codes for installation methods and was final inspected by the FDA and the State of new Hampshire electrical board with a follow up completion final with the New Hampshire State fire marshal with an outstanding report of completion with high remarks for quality.
  • Smith-Nephew Facility Improvements in Largo, Florida

    Owner: Smith-Nephew, Inc.
    General Contractor: The Murray Company
    Project Description: This project consists of the interior renovation to an existing manufacturing area of a sanitary chemical blending facility for the Wound Management Division of Smith-Nephew.
    PTS Scope of Work: PTS was responsible for all the electrical and instrumentation and controls installation. This includes installation of all electrical conduit raceways, fittings, boxes, control systems and panels, panel boards, flow meters, flame arrestors, control valves, switches, transmitters, gauges, regulators, and rupture disks. We will also be doing all the testing of all the equipment and material.
  • Smith-Nephew Facility Tanks Replacement in Largo, Florida

    Owner: Smith-Nephew, Inc.
    General Contractor: AB PROCESS
    Project Description: This project consisted of the replacement of the process' tanks as well as the mechanical equipment associated with it, such as motor-pumps and agitators.
    PTS Scope of Work: PTS was responsible for all the electrical, instrumentation, and controls installation. Start up and commissioning, IQ/OQ support This includes instruments relocation, calibration and installation of all new equipment, and programming the plant controls to meet the new equipment specifications.
  • Smith-Nephew Facility Largo, Florida

    Owner: Smith-Nephew, Inc.
    Project Description: During several years PTS has been the TOGO system integrator for the Smith & Nephew facility in largo, Florida.
    PTS Scope of Work: PTS has performed multiple small size projects with a varieties of task that evolves from Instrumentation installation to engineering design.