Performance Technical Services, Inc.

Building On Performance

Performance Technical Services, Inc. (PTS) is a woman owned 3rd generation family full service electrical, instrumentation, and controls integration specialty contractor, providing safe, quality services to the industrial industry since the 1980's.

Aerospace/Government/DOE Industry Projects


  • Spallation Neutron Source Test Laboratory Facility located in Oak Ridge, TN

    Owner: U.S. Department of Energy
    A&E and General Contractor: KNIGHT/JACOBS JOINT VENTURES
    Project Description: The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) is an accelerator-based neutron source being built in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, by the U.S. Department of Energy. The SNS will provide the most intense pulsed neutron beams in the world for scientific research and industrial development. PTS has bid and won the portion of the project that covers the installation of all instrumentation and control systems and the installation of the site communications backbone.
    PTS Scope of Work: Install all HVAC instrumentation, PLC enclosures, Operator Station Cabinets throughout the multiple buildings on-site. Purchase and install just under 200,000 feet of communications backbone cabling, including FIBER OPTIC, CAT5E, CNET, DNETN, & DNETK. Test and verify quality of all installed cable.
  • Delta IV Rocket Launching System for Payload Delivery for into Space located in Cape Canaveral, Florida

    Owner: Boeing Corporation
    Project Description: Design, Supply, and Install the Facility Management System (FMS). This is a data collection system that will monitor vital power sources, engine cooling, site alert level indications, and positive pressure support systems.
    PTS Scope of Work: Develop all drawings and logic interfaces for all Input and output (I/O) devices; develop all graphical screens for operator interface and control; Design, layout & test communications networks for Ethernet and PLC Busses; Develop all material specification and purchase all materials; Install all materials, test all I/O, and turn system over to customer.
  • Warren Air Force Base located in Cheyenne, Wyoming

    Owner: U. S. Army
    General Contractor: MSSM located in Pueblo, Colorado.
    Project Description: Central Heat Plant System Upgrade adding 3 hot water generators rated at 45 million BTU each
    PTS Scope of Work: All plant instrumentation and a PLC based control system for each of the 3 Generators utilizing 4 Allen Bradley PLCs each connected to an HMI workstation via a DH+ network. PTS also supplied the burner control package utilizing Moore dual-loop controllers. The HMI package was an Intellution System running in a Windows NT environment