Performance Technical Services, Inc.

Building On Performance

Performance Technical Services, Inc. (PTS) is a woman owned 3rd generation family full service electrical, instrumentation, and controls integration specialty contractor, providing safe, quality services to the industrial industry since the 1980's.

Food/Beverage Industry Projects


  • Flower Bakery of Bradenton, Florida

    Owner: Flower Food Bakery Group
    On Call Support: PTS has served Flowers Bakery of Bradenton when time is crucial. Most of this work is been done during times when operation can't tolerate shutdowns. Allen-Bradley PLCs and controlnet network troubleshooting.
  • Pillsbury, Inc. located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

    Owner: Pillsbury, Inc.
    A&E: Simons Agra
    Project Description: Upgrade controls on mixing and baking line
    PTS Scope of Work: Provide process assistance, control configuration and start-up expertise. System consisted of Modicon Quantum PLCs using Intellution HMI
  • Sugar Mill located in South Bay, Florida

    Owner: Okeelanta Corporation
    Project Description: Vacuum Pan Controls upgrade
    PTS Scope of Work: Electrical installation of control wiring for Foxboro I/A
  • Sugar Mill located in South Bay, Florida

    Owner: Okeelanta Corporation
    OEM: Rosemount
    Project Description: Continuous Emissions Monitoring system for existing boiler
    PTS Scope of Work: Install, calibrate and start-up for the CEMs system.
  • Dairiconcepts in Portales, New Mexico

    Owner: Dairiconcepts
    General Contractor: Garland & Loman, Inc.
    A&E: Bayview Engineering Group
    Project Description: This facility uses a new process developed in New Zealand that extracts certain proteins from milk and is made into a high protein powdered milk.
    PTS Scope of Work: PTS will be installing a complete air user system in stainless steel and supply individual air supplies to devices where required. We will also be responsible for the installation of all the instruments in the evaporator and dryer process, mount all interconnecting remote terminal units, along with the main for PLC controls system for the process, and install all associated conduit and wiring of the complete control system.
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