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Established in 1989

Business Base of over 100 Clients

UL Listed Panel Design and Fabrication

Quality Management Systems (QMS)
       ISO 9001:2008 Registered
       UL Listed Panels


Recognized Safety Program

        Customized by Texas City Council


PTS offers service to:
        Water Utilities
        Food Industry
        Power Utilities
        Pharmaceutical Industry



        Paper Mills




PTS Services Include:


Electrical, Instrumentation, and Controls
      Conceptual / Feasibility Studies / Radio Modeling
       Detailed Design, Engineering, and Integration of Software & Hardware
       Application / HMI Software Development / PLC programming /DCS
       Process Control solutions on many, varied process
      Project Management


Electrical / Mechanical Controls Installation
      Experienced Management
       Experienced, Low Cost Procurement


Calibration / Loop check / Start-up

Maintenance Services
      Electrical / Instrumentation
       System Maintenance

Power Generation Specialist
      Combustion and Steam Turbines
       Electrical Testing (All Types)


PTS is proud to be a
Registered Certified Systems Integrator for Wonderware

PTS is a Foxboro Authorized Service Provider certified in Foxboro instruments.

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