Palatka Generating Station located in Palatka, Florida


Owner/ Contractor

Seminole Electric Co-operative, Inc. located in Tampa, Fl.

Project Description: Upgrade of the Control System for the entire Coal Handling portion of the plant.  The existing PLC Control System is based on a Forney designed and supplied system. 
PTS Scope of Work:




Detailed design, supply, programming, installation, testing and training for the new Modicon Quantum based control system.  The scope also includes the evaluation and conversion of the original Forney System to the new Quantum system.  The design includes 3 HMI stations communicating with the 3 Quantum CPU’s and multiple Distributed I/O racks and an Engineering Workstation via Modbus Plus Network.  A portion of the communication network will be accomplished via RF Modem utilizing Spread Spectrum technology.  The Control System will handle such tasks as unloading of rail cars, stacker / reclaimer control, coal transfer, etc.  The existing hard-wired operator panels will be replace with touch screen HMI stations utilizing Citect software for screen development, alarm processing, data acquisition, historical collection and trending, and report generation.

Crystal River Generating Facility located in Crystal River, FL


Owner/ Contractor:

Crystal River Generating Facility, Florida Power Corporation

Project Description: Coal Yard Control Upgrade.  The Crystal River Generating Facility includes 4 coal-fired boilers and Steam Turbines.  Units 1 and 2 are rated at 400 and 500 MWs respectively, while Units 4 and 5 are 720 MWs each.  The facility is divided into 2 areas separated by approximately ˝ mile, each with 2 Units and their own coal yard and coal yard control room. The existing control of the coal yard utilizes Modicon Quantum PLC hardware.  In Phase 1 of the Project, PTS Project Scope included upgrading the existing Operator Interface that was a hard-wired BTG style with hand-switches and indicating lights. The Operator Interface was replaced with 3 Intellution Dynamic workstations in each control room.  Additional Modicon Quantum hardware was added to incorporate the new automation.  The 2 control rooms were linked via RF Spread Spectrum radio utilizing Ethernet communications technology for high-speed data transfer. Phase 2 of the Project includes the automation of the Tripper Car controls for Units #1 and #2 silo feeders.  This includes design, procurement, and implementation of a complete automation system for this process.  The automation system will also utilize Modicon Quantum PLC and remote mounted Intellution Dynamic touch-screens.  The system will be connected via Ethernet to the Phase 1 portion of the upgrade
PTS Scope of Work: Scheduling, engineering, procurement, design, implementation, installation supervision, and start-up support for the entire project. 
Lambert Frame, Inc. located in Hughes, Arkansas


Owner/Contractor: Lambert Frame, Inc.
Project Description: Reconfigure conveyor and add controls
PTS Scope of Work: Provide process engineering, mechanical design and control engineering using Allen-Bradley system
Chemical Plant located Bell Glade, Florida


Owner: Great Lakes Chemical
General: Consutech
PTS Scope of Work: Electrical, Instrumentation/Installation, Calibration start-up.
Chemical Plant located New Port, Tennessee


Owner: Great Lakes Chemical
PTS Scope of Work: Instrument  Calibration
Sugar Mill located in South Bay, Florida


Owner: Okeelanta Corporation
OEM: Rosemount
Project Description: Continuous Emissions Monitoring system for existing boiler.
PTS Scope of Work: Install, calibrate and start-up for the CEMs system.
Sugar Mill located in South Bay, Florida


Owner: Okeelanta Corporation
Project Description: Vacuum Pan Controls upgrade
PTS Scope of Work: Electrical installation of control wiring for Foxboro I/A
South Pierce Chemical Facility located in Polk County, Florida


Owner/Contractor: IMC Agrico
Project Description: Clarifier Start-up
PTS Scope of Work: Provide construction management, instrument calibration, loop testing and start-up assistance
New Wales Chemical Facility located in Polk County, Florida


Owner/Contractor: IMC Agrico
Project Description: Clarifier Controls     
PTS Scope of Work: Provide field design engineering and graphics generation
using Intellution HMI.



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