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Why Wireless?

Industrial Wireless products provide a secure and reliable solutions for a wide range of industries.

The key reasons for going wireless are:

Cost effective

When directly compared to wired installations, Wireless is a very cost effective alternative. Wireless modules allow seamless integration into all applications enabling installation costs to be kept to a minimum.


Radio protocols include multiple addressing levels, error checking, handshaking and automatic re-try mechanisms  that guard against

transmission failure. Should a communications failure occur, we provide

multiple levels of alarm




If not, you need to!

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Time Savings

Wireless modules have built-in diagnostics and remote configuration abilities that are designed to save time and hassles. 


The technology employed in all of the products is state-of-the-art. As a result, each product has four levels of protection.

  • Data is embedded wireless transmissions using a unique modulation technique.

  • The data format has a unique structure with added security features, including network and address validation.

  • Data is encrypted using a military grade high-security encryption algorithm.

  • The wireless protocol operates on an exception-reporting basis, transmitting when there is a change. This greatly increases the difficulty in collecting wireless samples for decoding.


Radio Modeling software used by PTS can map radio paths, predict RSSI levels, and calculate azimuth and elevations from LanSat Satellite Imagery.  Radio Modeling can also be exported and overlaid onto Google Earth imagery where the radio path can literally be walked down before ever setting foot at the project site.

PTS is proud to be a
Registered Certified Systems Integrator for Wonderware

PTS is a Foxboro Authorized Service Provider certified in Foxboro instruments.

Got Wireless?

Why Run Conduit & Cabling?

Let PTS Show You How to STOP Paying Monthly fees for T1 Lines and Cellular Modem Service!

Whether it's across the County or across your Facility.

PTS Can Design, Engineer, Fabricate, and Integrate custom 900Mhz License Free Wireless I/O systems to transmit data, from 20 feet or less to 20 Miles line of site, in the 902-928Mhz unlicensed radio band.

This technology allows our customers to save money while freeing themselves from the ongoing T1 line and Cellular modem monthly charges.

AC Powered with Battery Backup or Solar Powered Remote Wireless I/O.

Wireless I/O:

Digital and Analog Inputs/Outputs from one location to another.

Wireless Gateway Protocols and Protocol Conversion:

Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, TCP IP

Wireless Modems:

Serial RS232 & 485; PLC to PLC point to point, SCADA to PLC multipoint, PLC LAN multidrop

Ethernet; 10/100 BaseT Access Poin / Client, Bridge, Router. 900Mhz SS & 2.4Ghz ISM

PTS can model your wireless system before ever setting a foot on the clients job site.  This saves our customers money and frustration by providing feasibility of application before purchasing any radio hardware equipment or wasting the cost of field man-hours. 

With the ability to do In-House UL Industrial Control Panel (ICP) design and fabrication, PTS can build your wireless system from Design and Engineering through Panel fabrication and System Integration to provide our Clients with a complete turn-key, reliable, secure, wireless solution.

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