PTS uses state-of-the-art instrumentation and testing procedures to identify any

actors that may lead to your equipment’s deterioration.  We can help you develop a short,

intermediate and long term plan to correct or improve your overall system’s safety,

reliability and performance.

Synchronization / Generator Breaker Testing
UPS/Battery Testing
Hi Pot - AC and DC High Potential testing for cables and switch gear.

Protective relay calibration and certification.

Recording Services to monitor all variables of interest.
(V, A, Pf, VA, W, harmonics and disturbances)


RED - Infra-Red Thermal Scanning.

Generator Protection / Protective Relay Testing
Solid State, multifunction & electro-mechanical relays
Setting and functional testing of protective relays

TTR - Transformer Turns Ratio testing.
Ratio, Polarity, Saturation, Insulation Resistance Testing
Oil Filling and Testing

Switchgear Testing
Primary injection testing
Functional testing


PTS is proud to be a
Registered Certified Systems Integrator for Wonderware

PTS is a Foxboro Authorized Service Provider certified in Foxboro instruments.

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Why Run Conduit & Cabling?

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In-house UL Listed panel design and assembly

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