PTS engineers manage the entire commissioning and startup project to ensure the newly installed equipment meets all the design intent and manufacturerís requirements.  Commissioning that is done properly pays dividends in the several forms.  One, the need for fewer change orders or rework will minimize the downtime and ensure project completion on schedule.  Two, lowers operation and maintenance costs.  Three, allows you to ensure your electrical and/or mechanical system is safe, reliable and efficient for the long-term operation of your system.

We provide you with full documentation and verification of the system(s) commissioned.  In addition, we can provide operation guidelines, preventive and predictive maintenance programs, operation and safety training services you may require

Loop Verification and Tuning
Field device calibration to signal verification at the control system

Plant Operational Testing and Optimization
Boiler Tuning
Balance of Plant functional testing

Performance Testing and Verification
Includes calibration and certification of measuring instrumentation

Start-up Supervision / Management
Electrical and Mechanical Supervision
Safety Coordination



PTS is proud to be a
Registered Certified Systems Integrator for Wonderware

PTS is a Foxboro Authorized Service Provider certified in Foxboro instruments.

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In-house UL Listed panel design and assembly

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