PTS is proud to be a
Registered Certified Systems Integrator for Wonderware

PTS is a Foxboro Authorized Service Provider certified in Foxboro instruments.

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Performance Technical Services Group, Inc. has continually provided quality service in electrical construction and installation, instrument calibration and installation, and turn-key systems controls integration to a broad range of clients since 1989.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water

  • Aerospace

  • Power / Energy

  • Oil Refining

  • Waste Water / Waste Water Reclaimation

  • Sugar

  • Phosphate


System Maintenance Services

Industrial Control Systems, Mainframe Systems and Peripherals, PCs and Peripherals, Network Systems and Software, Communications Systems, CEMs Systems, Total Maintenance Responsibility, Parts Control, Hardware and Software Maintenance, and Site or Cluster Based


Plant Technical Services

Outage Support, Maintenance Support, Operations Support , Calibration, Testing and Verification


Panel Assembly Services

UL Panel Design, Engineering, & Fabrication. Staging / Performance Acceptance Testing / Factory Acceptance Testing / Verification 


Construction & Installation

Electrical Installation, Instrument Installation, Construction Supervision, and Retrofit Installation


Engineering Services

Project Engineering, Conceptual / Feasibility Studies, Design Engineering,  Graphics Design, Control/Systems Engineering, Wireless Systems, Project Management, and more.



Contract Engineering & Services

Short Term and Long Term, Engineers/Designers All Disciplines Project/Construction Management, and Customer Focus Construction Management All Disciplines, Start-Up Engineering All Disciplines, and Start-Up Software/Controls Support


Startup & Commissioning Services

Loop verification and tuning, Plant Operational Testing and Verification, Performance Testing and Verification, and Start-up Supervision/Management


Electrical Testing

Generator Protection/Protective Relay Testing and Calibration, Transformer Testing, Hi-Pot Testing, Switchgear Testing and Synchronization/Generator Breaker Testing


Wireless Remote I/O

Radio Modeling to LanSat Elevations

Radio Modeling with Google Earth Overlays

902-928 Mhz Spread Spectrum Radio Systems

20 Miles Line of Site I/O

Gain maximized to 4 watts RF Power (U.S.)

A/C Powered Battery Backup RTU's

Solar RTU Capabilities

Complete Turn Key Solutions

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