NISSAN, PBR Automotive located in Knoxville, Tennessee


Owner; PBR Automotive
General Contractor: DanMar Conveyors
Project Description: Relocate Production Conveyors and upgrade controls
PTS Scope of Work: Provide control engineering on Allen-Bradley PLC 5 system, craftsmen to relocate electrical and controls and start-up assistance

NISSAN, Automobile Assembly plant located in Smyrna, Tennessee


Owner/Contractor: Nissan North America
Project Description: Y2K Preparation
PTS Scope of Work: Provide all software testing and modification for Y2K

Spallation Neutron Source Test Laboratory Facility located in Oak Ridge, TN

Owner: U. S. Department of Energy
Project Description: The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) is an accelerator-based neutron source being built in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, by the U.S. Department of Energy. The SNS will provide the most intense pulsed neutron beams in the world for scientific research and industrial development.  PTS has bid and won the portion of the project that covers the installation of all instrumentation and control systems and the installation of the site communications backbone.
PTS Scope of Work: Install all HVAC instrumentation, PLC enclosures, Operator Station Cabinets throughout the multiple buildings on-site. Purchase and install just under 200,000 feet of communications backbone cabling, including FIBER OPTIC, CAT5E, CNET, DNETN, & DNETK.  Test and verify quality of all installed cable.

Delta IV Rocket Launching System for Payload Delivery for into Space located in Cape Canaveral, Florida



Boeing Corporation

Project Description: Design, Supply, and Install the Facility Management System (FMS).  This is a data collection system that will monitor vital power sources, engine cooling, site alert level indications, and positive pressure support systems.
PTS Scope of Work:

Develop all drawings and logic interfaces for all Input and output (I/O) devices; develop all graphical screens for operator interface and control; Design, layout & test communications networks for Ethernet and PLC Busses; Develop all material specification and purchase all materials; Install all materials, test all I/O, and turn system over to customer.


Smith-Nephew Facility Improvements in Largo, Florida



 Smith-Nephew, Inc.

General Contractor: The Murray Company
Project Description: This project consists of the interior renovation to an existing manufacturing area of a sanitary chemical blending facility for the Wound Management Division of Smith-Nephew.
PTS Scope of Work: PTS is responsible for all the electrical and instrumentation and controls installation. This includes installation of all electrical conduit raceways, fittings, boxes, control systems and panels, panel boards, flow meters, flame arrestors, control valves, switches, transmitters, gauges, regulators, and rupture disks. We will also be doing all the testing of all the equipment and material.

Essex Wire located in Franklin, Tennessee



 Superior Essex, Franklin, Tennessee

Project Description: Various Projects for wire speed and oven controls.
PTS Scope of Work:

Provide controls engineering, hardware, panels, installation and start-up.


Warren Air Force Base located in Cheyenne, Wyoming



 U. S. Army

General Contractor: MSSM located in Pueblo, Colorado.
Project Description Central Heat Plant System Upgrade adding 3 hot water generators rated at 45 million BTU each
PTS Scope of Work:

All plant instrumentation and a PLC based control system for each of the 3 Generators utilizing 4 Allen Bradley PLCs each connected to an HMI workstation via a DH+ network.  PTS
also supplied the burner control package utilizing Moore dual-loop controllers.  The HMI package was an Intellution System running in a Windows NT environment


Lambert Frame, Inc. located in Hughes, Arkansas


Owner/Contractor: Lambert Frame, Inc.
Project Description: Reconfigure conveyor and add controls
PTS Scope of Work: Provide process engineering, mechanical design and control engineering using Allen-Bradley system

Automobile Assembly plant located in Smyrna, Tennessee


Owner/Contractor: Nissan North America
Project Description: Controls Projects
PTS Scope of Work: Provide control engineering services for a variety  of process and production related needs.  Includes both equipment interface and conveyor projects.

Lift Pump Station located in Pinellas County, Florida


Owner: Pinellas County located in West Central Florida
A&E: Parson Engineering
General Contractor: Beers Construction
Project Description: System Integration for grass roots 6-pump lift station
PTS Scope of Work:



Supply and installation of all instrumentation, review and
integration of vendor supplied equipment. Supply, design, and start-up of the PLC based control system and RTU interface with main control center located at South Cross Bayou Water Treatment Facility.  Electrical terminations of all control equipment and the Graphic and Database development at the control center The PLC system utilized a Modicon Quantum PLC with Hot-Standby CPU’s.  The RTU consisted of OPTO22 I/O hardware with an MDS radio that transmits the data to the South Cross-Bayou

Seminole Generating Station located in Palatka, Florida (Phase 2)


Owner/Contractor: Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Project Description: Maintenance on a Flue Gas De-Sulphurization (FGD) Control System Units 1 and 2 which consists of a Modicon Quantum control package which will communicate via RIO connection to several remote IO racks.
Cogeneration Facility Installation located in Murfreesboro, TN


Owner: Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tenn.
General Contractor: Stanley Jones Corporation
OEM: I.C. Thomasson Associates, Inc.
Project Description: Addition of a 5 MW Solar Combustion Turbine and generator set, HRSG boiler, dual-fired auxiliary boiler and the addition of a new chiller. 
PTS Scope of Work: All instrumentation and controls. A conventional indicating and control Operator panel with alarm annunciation was provided and an Operator workstation running an Intellution HMI package.  The boiler control utilizes Eurotherm Process Automation equipment mounted in the Operator control panel.  The Intellution HMI is connected to the Eurotherm Controllers via Modbus communication interface.  The HMI included operator control functions, alarming functions, historical data collection and trending, and report generation.  All equipment was supplied or manufactured by PTS, Inc. 
Dade County Resource Recovery Facility located in Miami, FL


Owner: Birwelco-Montenay Inc. located in Miami, Fl.
A & E:           Altuna Engineering Inc. located in Massapequa Park, NY.
General Contractor: Binwelco-Montenay, Inc.
Project Description: Replacement of the Induced Draft (ID) fans and associated controls for each of the 4 boilers located at the Dade County Resource Recovery Facility in Miami, FL.  The scope also called for installation of a new Air Quality Control System (AQCS). 
PTS Scope of Work: Engineering, design, supply, installation, start-up, and training for the PLC based control system and HMI interface on the new ID fans.  PTS scope also included a hard-wired interface with the existing Bailey control system, which is required for the AQCS The control system is a GE Fanuc PLC system utilizing a Genius Bus communications network to communicate with the GE Cimplicity HMI system The new AQCS system also communicates on the same Genius Bus Network.  The ID fan controls utilize a GE 90/30 system while the Bailey interface will utilize a GE 90/70 system.  The project was completed in the spring of 1999. PTS has been awarded a second project scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2001.



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